The Eleventh Day Of Bluesmas

The St. Louis Blues have been extremely fortunate to have some Hall of Fame players don the blue note Theyre hoping that they have a current one on their roster. No matter the skill, they are all compared to one player. On the eleventh day of Bluesmas, the blue note gave to me, eleven Brett Hulls scoring. Yes, the Blues had one of the greatest scorers of all time for eleven years. Brett Hull came from an interesting background before he arrived with the Blues. He is the son of former Chicago Blackhawk legend, Bobby Hull. More from Bleedin Blue12/24 St. Louis Blues: The Eleventh Day Of Bluesmas12/24 St. Louis Blues Morning Links: Coal For Christmas12/23 St. Louis Blues: The Tenth Day Of Christmas12/23 St Teemu Selanne Jersey. Louis Blues Morning Links: Another Lead Blown12/22 St. Louis Blues: The Ninth Day Of Bluesmas The same was true for guys like Scott Young, Keith Tkachuk and even Vladimir Tarasenko. No matter their skill or game style, they always get compared with Hull. Its no wonder really. Outside of the Great One and Super Mario, the NHL has rarely seen scorers like Hull. He once said he was fine scoring 32 and 41 goals in his first two full seasons. Some choice words from Brian Sutter challenged him and he stepped up to it. Not counting lockout years, Hull only scored fewer than that original 41 goals once. Even in that year his final in St. Louis he had 72 points. The sad part about Hulls tenure here was the ending. Instead of smoothing over the frayed edges, his relationship with the team fell apart and he left as a free agent. It worked out for him of course. He won Stanley Cups in Dallas and Detroit. For Blues fans that lived through that, it was a kick to the gut. To see our greatest player ever go elsewhere and win just rubbed the nerves the wrong way. We were happy for him, but winning with our rivals was just wrong. You could trace it back to the Mike Keenan days. Though Hull outlasted Keenan with the franchise, as he should have, things began to crumble then. Hull was constantly in the media chirping about something. It became tiresome to the point that, at the time, there were many who were not sorry to see him go. Call it a lovers quarrel or blame it on short sighted fans thinking his 27 goals meant he was done. The bottom line is people, myself included, were not completely heart broken he left. Maybe we should have been. We have been searching for the next Brett Hull since then. 11 years was not enough. They were some of the best years the team has had, but you just wonder if Hull could have put that conference finals team over the hump. We will never know. At least he is back in the fold now. Next: The Tenth Day Of Bluesmas The Blues retired his number. He is part of the organizations front office. If the Blues ever manage to win, he will be one of the guys going down the parade route, as it should be. We also have one final time to see him lace up the skates. It wont be quite the same, but the Winter Classic Alumni game will give us one last time to see Hull unleash that shot. 11 years was not enough time. It was long enough though, especially since weve had to wait a lot longer than 11 years for the next great scorer.More from Bleedin BlueSt. Louis Blues Morning Links: Coal For Christmas9h agoSt. Louis Blues: The Tenth Day Of Christmas22h agoSt. Louis Blues Morning Links: Another Lead Blown1 d agoSt. Louis Blues: The Ninth