christmas tree background

First of all, you will want to make sure that all your christmas tree card holder are stored in one place. Having all your tree ornaments spread out in a number of boxes stored all around the house will definitely make it much more difficult to start setting up the tree.One of the first things you’ll have to check are the lights. Before hanging them on the tree, test them first as it is much easier to troubleshoot them as they are instead of having to take them off the tree again. Once you start with the actual decoration process, be sure to put on the lights first before anything else. This is especially true for those who hang fragile ornaments on their Christmas trees as these will most likely fall off and break once you start hanging the lights. The rule of thumb is lights, garland, and tinsel should always come first.The fact that you will be using this tree for years to come means that you’ve already saved some money. You no longer have to purchase a new tree every single year as cheap artificial trees should last for a good couple of years. Therefore, you may want to invest on a few things that’ll make your tree look better, and your life much easier. Consider investing in a rolling tree stand. Decorating is difficult enough, but transporting a fully assembled tree is an even more challenging task. Rolling stands should spare you the trouble of having to manually carry the tree from one place in the house to another.When it comes to storage, you will also have to keep a few things in mind. Since you will be keeping these artificial trees indoors, you better make sure that they are packed well. Once you disassemble your tree, put all the parts back inside the box and don’t leave anything out. Make sure that the tree stand, as well as the instructions are also in the box as you will surely be needing both of these come next year.If it is an option, it is actually a better idea to store the tree fully assembled. If you have some extra space in your garage then why not save yourself the time needed to assemble the tree yet again the following year. You can always go out and buy a storage bag in your local hardware store that will let you keep the tree fully assembled.