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Want Pricing Info On Paid Features?

In order for Rottweiler Nation to continue to give support  to Rottweiler Specialties and the Nationals, there will be a need to charge for certain features on Rottweiler Nation. Over the last two years we have purchased ads in show catalogs, donated to support trophies for classes and supplied products and given monetary donations. In turn, this has created a large amount of internet traffic on Rottweiler Nation which is good for you the advertiser because this means that not only are they looking at our paid features IE: Feature Ads, Breeding & Litter Notices, Handler Profiles, Vendor Ads they are also looking at the profiles, the Show Results, Winners, New Titles.

If we were a magazine, you would be looking at circulation of between 9,000 and 14,000 viewers per month. Your viewing audience is worldwide and every paid feature contains a searchable URL. Your paid feature isn't hidden to the search engines, unlike many magazine online features. In addition, our prices are extremely affordable compared to publishing a traditional ad. You also don't have to worry about the technical requirements or deadlines associated with traditional printing. You can publish immediately and in your own timeframe, no deadline issues here. That's a lot of bang for your advertising dollar.

1 Week Feature Ad -  $140.00

2 Week Feature Ad - $240.00

8 Week Breeding Notice - $15.00

12 Week Litter Notice - $30.00

1 Year Handler Profile - $180.00