Show-Wins FAQ's

How do I Create a Show Win ?

Tired of waiting for your dog's win or new title announcement to be posted? Now you can make the announcement! No more waiting!Before you begin: Your dog must have a profile on Rottweiler Nation in order to create a Show Win or New Title Announcement. Please have a profile picture uploaded on theyour dog's profile as the profile picture is the picture that automatically populates the Show Wins and Title Announcements.Here are the steps to posting a Member Show Win:Log in to your accountIn the upper right of Rottweiler Nation you will see the words 'Create Content'Click on that link and choose 'Win Report' from the drop down menuYou will now be on the 'Create Win Report' pageTitle: click the appropriate radio button for your dog's title statusWinning Dog: Start typing your dog's registered name, as you begin typing the first part of the name you will see a list populate the drop down. Choose your dog's name.Win Type: Select either Show Win or New Title - which ever pertains to the type of announcement you wish to make.Win Designation: The selections are abbreviations for either the Win or the Title your dog has been awarded. Conformation abbreviations are listed first followed by Title abbreviations. If you have a multiple wins, you can hold down the CTRL Key to select all applicable abbreviations. example: If your dog won Breed, Group 1 and Best In Show - you would  choose B (for Breed), hold the CTRL key choose G1 (for Group 1) and still holding the CTRL key choose BIS (for Best In Show) all of your selections will be highlighted.For competition where you receive a placement along with a score - choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

If you don't see the designation your dog was awarded, please contact us so we can update the Win Designations

Score: If your dog received a score in the competition, type the score in this field.Date of Win:  Click in the date field and a calendar will appear, choose the month first, then the year, then click on the day in the calendar body.Kennel Club: Type in the complete name of the kennel club.Judge Name: Type in Judge's Name for each award. If you have a Group or BIS you will have up to 3 Judge Names Listed.Scroll down a little and click on the PREVIEW button if you want to see how it looks, otherwise click on the SAVE button.Please feel free to contact us if you need any help.