Rottweiler-Profile FAQ's

How Do I Create A Profile?
  • First you need an account - click on CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT and follow the prompts.
  • Logged into your account on the left you see "My Rottweilers" - click on CREATE A PROFILE
  • Enter your Rottweiler's AKC name with no prefix or suffix titles (that comes later) - REQUIRED
  • Click on the division(s) your Rottweiler is in - you can click on more then one - REQUIRED
  • Enter any Prefix titles your Rottweiler has (see help text under text box)
  • Enter any Suffix titles your Rottweiler has (see help text under text box)
  • Enter your Rottweiler's call name - REQUIRED
  • Enter your Rottweiler's AKC and/or other Registration number
  • Select the sex - REQUIRED
  • Enter the date of birth following the format in the help text - REQUIRED
  • Enter your website, if you have - using http:// as a prefix
  • Scroll up to the top and click on the PEOPLE tab
  • Enter the breeder(s) names
  • Enter the owner(s) names - REQUIRED
  • Enter the handler name if applicable
  • Scroll up to the top and click on the PHOTOS & VIDEOS tab.
  • Under "Rottweiler Picture" Click on the BROWSE button.
  • On your computer locate the picture you want to appear on the profiles page - square format is best - headshot or full body - your choice. Click OPEN
  • Click the UPLOAD button
  • VERY IMPORTANT - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the SAVE button.

You have just created a profile for your Rottweiler on Rottweiler Nation.....want to add more info?

How Do I Edit A Profile?
  • Logged into your account - on the left you see under "My Rottweilers", the call name(s) of all Rottweilers that have a profile.
  • Click on the call name of the dog you want to edit.
  • You are now on your Rottweiler's profile - under your Rottweiler's name you see two tabs - VIEW & EDIT.
  • Click on the EDIT tab.
  • You now see the following tabs under your Rottweiler's name - Rottweiler, People, Records, Sire Pedigree, Dam Pedigree, Bio and Photos & Video
  • Click on the tab that you want to add or edit information - enter, add or delete information.
  • VERY IMPORTANT - There is a SAVE button at the bottom of each tab page - you must SAVE before you exit the profile.
Are There Helpful Hints?
  • You can go to another source on the internet or on your computer to hightlight & copy then paste directly into the information entry boxes. This is very helpful for the pedigrees and the career records.
  • You can order a complete AKC career record for your Rottweiler that includes judges, kennel club, dates and awards.
  • You can copy/paste from the OFFA site for health records.
  • is very helpful resource for copy/paste with the pedigrees.
  • Feel free to click the CONTACT US link if you need any assistance.


How Do I Upload Video?

Go to one of the listed video sites and follow their instructions for uploading video.  Once that site has returned your video for viewing.  Select the video and copy the URL from the address bar and then paste it into the video url address bar on your Rottweiler's profile under "pictures and video".  The video will then play on your Rottweiler's profile page at Rottweiler Nation.  The person viewing the profile will not be redirected anywhere else.