Photographs FAQ's

How Do I Upload Pictures?
  • Log In
  • Mouse over 'My Account' in the upper left corner of the site
  • Select 'My Dogs' from the drop down
  • The call name(s) of all the Rottweilers you have profiles for will be listed.
  • CLICK the call name of the dog you want to edit.
  • CLICK the EDIT tab under your dog's name, under the edit tab you will see several categories: rottweiler, people, records.....etc,
  • CLICK "Photos & Video".
  • On the Photos & Video upload/edit page locate the section for the type of photo you want to upload (profile pic, handler pic, phot gallery).
  • Find the desired picture on your harddrive;
  • CLICK UPLOAD; then
  • CLICK SAVE at the bottom of the page.
  • For best results - the profile picture should be in a square format. You can SAVE after each upload or after a batch upload.