Membership FAQ's

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Member?

Joining Rottweiler Nation is free.

Profiles (free)

Once you have created an account, you can then create profiles for as many of your Rottweilers as you like. The profiles are really a webpage, providing a url for your individual dog. This url allows us to link to your dog's profile in the show results. People viewing the show results can click on the link and will be taken to your dogs profile. You can also use this url in e-mails and on other websites.

Member Show Wins (free)

Once your Rottweiler has a profile, you can post show wins for your dog. It is as easy as filling out a form. Your dog's profile picture will automatically be posted in the Member Show Wins Listing. These wins are arranged in date order and alphabetically by kennel club.

Breeding Announcements (modest fee)

Allows you to purchase an announcement that will allow you to upload up to 3 pictures of the sire and 3 pictures of the dam, links to the sire and dam's profile, grand sire information, health clearances, breeders, contact info, expected whelp date, whelp location, e-mail and web site links. *See "How Do I Create A Breeding Annoucement" FAQ for requirements must be met

Litter Announcements (modest fee)

Allows you to purchase an announcement that includes everything in the breeding announcement, plus at the breeders discretion, upload pictures of the puppies over a nine week period. Also included is an automatically generated Puppy Pedigree. *See "How Do I Create A Litter Announcement" FAQ for requirements.

Feature Ad (Very Reasonable Fee)

Allows you to upload a full size ad, a cropped version of the ad to show on the front page, a link to the profile, an ad headline and a featurette story.You can choose to run the ad for 1 week or 2 weeks at a discounted price. If your dog wins today, you can have it on the front of Rottweiler Nation within a matter of hours. The feature ads are also useful to advertise a win, thank a Judge, show off a new litter, announce a breeding, introduce a new handler, kick off a Specials campaign - the possibilites are endless. The featurette story lets you give even more information.

Forum Participation (Free)

As a member of Rottweiler Nation - you can create threads and respond to threads in our very diverse forum.

Contact Other Members

As a member, when you are logged in, you can contact of members through private on site e-mail. Your e-mail address privacy is protected while still being able to receive messages from other members.