Litter-Notice FAQ's

How Do I Create A Litter Notice? Step by Step


Now you can post your own Litter Notice!

Litter Notices are $30.00 and run for 12 weeks - Just in case you need the extra time.

  • Litter Notices include the following:
  • The first 4 pictures in the Photo Gallery of the Rottweiler Profile for both Dam and Sire
  • Link to both Dam and Sire's Profiles
  • Contact Information - e-mail, website, phone number(s)
  • Litter Information - Litter Name, Whelp Location, Breeders, Whelp Date, Number of Puppys with breakdown by sex and Comments about the Litter or the Dam and Sire.
  • Ability to upload puppy pictures with description tags through out the run of the Litter Notice. You can also indicate if the puppy has been placed with the description tags.Puppy Pedigree


Here are the requirements:

In order for the for the Notice to be posted, both Sire and Dam must have profiles on RottweilerNation.Com. The profiles must have the following information in addition the 5 required fields needed to create the profile: At least 1 profile picture & 1 photo gallery picture (can be the same picture), the Health Certifications and 4 Generation Pedigree.

The information on the Profile is designed to give the maximum information about  the achievements and background of the Sire and Dam and will help prospective puppy owners do research to find the right puppy.


The pictures in the Litter Notice will show up in the same order that you place them in the Photo Gallery. If you want a head shot first to show up as the first picture in your Breeding Notice, then put the head shot picture first in the Photo Gallery.

To reorder picures in the photo gallery, click on the + sign to the left of the picture and drag to re-order the pictures.

Here is how to create the Litter Notice:

Log in to your account 

Click on 'Store' in the horizontal navigation at the top of the site 

Select Litter Notice 'Add To Cart' Button

The Litter Notice form opens

Title - Type in the Kennel name for this litter - this is your headline.

Fill in the rest of the fields as indicated

Click on the 'Preview' Button to see how your Breeding Notice will look; if you need to make changes, scroll down to edit the fields. You can then select 'Preview' again or 'Add To Cart'.

'Add to Cart' will take you to the 'Shopping Cart' page.

If you wish to order additional features, click 'Continue Shopping'

If you are finished shopping and have a coupon, type the coupon code in the field - click the 'Apply To Order' button, then click 'Update Cart' you can now continue shopping or  click 'Checkout'. Note: you will not see a change in the amount due on your order until you get to the 'Checkout' page - the 'Coupon Code' field will be already filled in (if it isn't fill it in again) scroll down to 'Order Preview'

If you don't have a coupon, and are finished shopping, click 'Checkout'.

You are now on the 'Checkout' page.

Your e-mail information is populated from your Member account.

Fill in your Billing Information if this is your first order. If you have ordered before, you can click on the down arrow and select an address to populate the fields with previously filled in information.

If you didn't fill in your 'Coupon Code' on the Shopping Cart page, now is your chance to fill it in again.

You will see details of the order and what you will be paying in the order preview.

The payment method will be through Paypal.

Click 'Review Order'

The 'Review Order' page will indicate any errors in the order in red. You can correct the errors and the click on 'Submit Order'

On the Paypal Site you will see Jackie Squared

Your order summary will verify your totals for purchases from Rottweiler Nation.

Continue checking out as directed through Paypal

You will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase.

Thank You for your participation and membership on RottweilerNation.Com