Feature-Ad FAQ's

How do I Create A Feature Ad? Step by Step

Feature Ads are $140.00 and run for 1 week or $240.00 for 2 weeks. Feature Ads include a slide on the front page.When the slide is clicked the full size ad reveals on it's own page.Featured ads include:     A slide on the front page     A full page ad with headline on it's own page     A Featurette Story     A link to the Rottweiler's Profile     Here are step by step instructions:Log InClick on 'Store' from the horizontal navigation at the top of the site.Select the Featured Dog One Week or Featured Dog Two Week  'Add To Cart' button.The Create Featured Dog Ad Form OpensTitle:Type in the Headline of the ad Slide Image:Upload the slide image by clicking the browse button, locate the image you will be using for the ad - it can be the same image you are using for the ad or a different image. Click the Upload button.You will see the image you uploaded and underneath that image is a small image of the uploaded image with a cropping window. Use the cropping window to choose what portion of the image you wish to have visible in the front page slide. You do this by clicking your mouse and sliding the cropping box around on the picture or grabbing the corner 'handles' and reducing or increasing the size of the cropping box. Once you are satisfied with the slide image. You can upload the image for the full size ad.Large Image:Upload the Large Ad image by clicking the browse button, locate the image you will be using for the ad. Click the Upload button.Dog Name: (This is your profile link)Start typing your dog's registered name, as you begin typing the first part of the name you will see a list populate the drop down. If at first you don't see the name - keep typing, it will appear. Click on your dog's name.Body: This is the Featurette Story:As we all know, there is never enough room in an ad to say everything we want to say. The featurette story gives you that chance to give additional information about your dogs career, thank Judges, mention other wins that weren't on the featured ads, mention your dog's personality traits or quirks, thank your handler - anything you want.Click Add to CartIf you are finished shopping and have a coupon, type the coupon code in the field - click the 'Apply To Order' button, then click 'Update Cart' you can now continue shopping or  click 'Checkout'. Note: you will not see a change in the amount due on your order until you get to the 'Checkout' page - the 'Coupon Code' field will be already filled in (if it isn't fill it in again) scroll down to 'Order Preview'If you don't have a coupon, and are finished shopping, click 'Checkout'.You are now on the 'Checkout' page.Your e-mail information is populated from your Member account.Fill in your Billing Information if this is your first order. If you have ordered before, you can click on the down arrow and select an address to populate the fields with previously filled in information.If you didn't fill in your 'Coupon Code' on the Shopping Cart page, now is your chance to fill it in again.You will see details of the order and what you will be paying in the order preview.The payment method will be through Paypal.Click 'Review Order'The 'Review Order' page will indicate any errors in the order in red. You can correct the errors and the click on 'Submit Order'On the Paypal Site you will see Jackie SquaredYour order summary will verify your totals for purchases from Rottweiler Nation.Continue checking out as directed through PaypalYou will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase.