V-Rated, Multi BOB CH

Pepperhaus Xcellent Adventure

Call name: 
Date of birth: 
  • Sandy and Ron Overgaard
  • Andrew and Perri Yinger
DNA #:
Health certificates:
  • OFA Hips RO-63410G53M-PI
  • OFA Elbows Left Normal, Right DJD Grade I
  • RO-CA1859/127M/C-VPI-ECHO
  • CERF RO-6201 2011
  • Patella RO-PA165/68M/O-PI
  • Thyroid RO-TH327/63M-PI
  • CHIC 42744
Ted minored out with a Junior handler at a time when the point schedule was at an all time high.  He beat around 30 dogs for each of his 4 pt majors.  He finished under Judith Goodin.      Although Ted is a handsome, well-balanced dog with lovely movement, his heart is that of a working dog.  He has excelled at everything we've asked of him from AKC obedience (ARC top 10 for Novice A and Open, and 2 first and a second placement for his Utility title), to SchH, to working as the primary stock dog on our working sheep farm. As farm and family obligations kept us from competing in every venue for which we trained, his intelligence, drive, confidence, and biddability have made him a dog who is capable of just about anything at any level.  In addition to his work ethic, Ted also has a gift with those affected by Alzheimers, and is patient and kind with children.     With very limited breedings, Ted's kids have inherited his joy and apptitude for work.  From SAR dogs certified in Wilderness, Trailing, and Cadaver work, to pets who make sure their owners exercise every day . . . Ted's kids have been everything we'd hoped they'd be.     At 11 years old, Ted is still traversing rough terrain to round up sheep, battle a very nasty 250 lb ram, and outsmart the guardian llama.  At the end of a work day, he still wants to challenge us to a game of "soccer" with his Egge.  From Novice A to ARC Versatility Excellent, Ted has more than lived up to his name.
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Pepperhaus Packs a Punch UD, BH, AD
V1 BIS Sel Am/Can/UCI-Int. Ch Mako von der Bleichstrasse BH TT CGC HCT Int/DT, VDH-Ch ES'93 KS'91 '92 Noris vom Gruntenblick SchH III FH AD BH IPO III Gekort bis EzA HD- Falko vom Gruntenblick SchH III FH AD IPOIIII Gekort bis 05.10.88 HD-
Addi vom Herrenholz SchH III FH AD ZTP HD+/-
Bea von der Bleichstrasse SchH III FH AD Gekort bis EzA HD- Bronko vom Dattelner Hof SchH III AD Gekort bis EzA HD-
Alfa Vom Kodiac SchH III AD Gekort bis EzA HD-
A/C Champion Pepperhaus Indy CD CGC A/C Ch Royalty's Sir Braun Dozer CDX A/C/Mex/Int'l Ch Quick von Siegerhaus CDX SchH I TT Ztpr
Running D's Lady Megarras CD
Ch Wilderness Kasha CD CGC A/C Ch Wilderness Kobuk V Forstwald CD
A/C Ch Way Mar's Brooks Dawg von Jos CD C/CDX BH HIC


Ch Dolli Vom Zephyrhaus
USRC National SchH CH Hark vom Hause Anin SchHIII AD Aki von der Peeler Hutte SchH III FH AD IPO III Gek b EzA Frisko vom Schloss Haus Forst SchH III Gek b EzA
Arriette vom Heltorfer Forst SchH II
Bundesieger '86 Wenka vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH III FH AD DM-FH'85 Karo vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH III AD FH Gek b EzA 5-25-86 (Aldingen) HD-
Nancy vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH III Gekort bis EzA
Allie von Brico A/C Ch Multi V-rated Pico vom Hegestrauch BH SchHI BST Arri vom Hertener Wappen SchH III FH AD IPO III Gek b EzA HD-
Gamba vom Giesenend SchH I ZtP
Brittania Von Angileigha V-1 Maik vom Siedlerpfad SchH III ZtP
Banta's Danka Vom Danzig