Jemar's Lady Godiva

Call name: 
Date of birth: 
  • Jeff & Maria Bledsoe
  • Ashley Donahue
Health certificates:
  • HIPS (OFA): RO-70929G50F-VPI, GOOD
  • Cleared by cardiologist ausculation, pending submission to OFA. Documentation available upon request
  • CERF (eyes): clear pending submission
Photo gallery:
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Career record:
  • 5 point Major in Reliant Dog Show 2008
  • 3 point major at Glen Rose Rottweiler Club Show 2008
  • 3 point major in New Mexico All Breed Show 2009
1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation


Bagzi Yugoslavian Import, Youth Int. CH, UCI Int Ch, IPO1, BH, ZTP, CGC, multi v1-rated, 21xV-rated
Grand-King Roy 2xCAC, R.CAC, IPO1 Grand-King Gordon 3xCAC, 2xR.CAC, BH Doc v.d. Teufelsbrucke INT/VDH-CH, IFR SGR'95, '94'95'96 Klubseiger top stud dog, O-KS'95, SchH/IPO3,FH,BH, AD GK Bis EzA
Grand-King Amanda Hun. CH, INT CH, Slo.CH, 12xCAC, 3R.CACIB, R.CAC, 2R.CACIB, R.CACA
Grand-King Fruzsyna Hun. JCH, HCH, IPO1, 2R.CACIB, 6xCAC, CACIB, R.CAC Ken v. Schwaiger Wappen, INT CH, Dt.VDH-CH, WS'94, WJS'91,ES'94, BS'94, KS'93, O-BS'93, SchH3, FH, AD, BH, IPO3, GEK bis 24.09.96, ZtP
Voros Golem Alma, Hungarian KS'93, INT CH,10xCAC,3xR.CAC, CACIB,CSSR.CAC,IPO1
Ullia von Mullmirott Hos od Dragicevica Odo v.d. Flugschneise, KS'97, DT VDH Ch, SchH2, BH, ZtP
Bessy von Haus Krammer, 2xPRM, 2xCAC, PR, 1xP.RASE, IPO1
Zana von Mullmirott 7xV1, 8xV2, PRM, 10xCAC, 7xR.CAC, 2xBOB, CACIB Pedro vom Calibra PRM
Amanda Veliki Horus, Yug CH, 4xPRM, 2xCAC, R.CAC


Jemar's Zoey Girl, INT CH
Jeneck's Nero II USRC Natl. YSgr. '01, ARV Natl. YSgr. '01, 15xV1-rated, SC Select Male '03, NC Regional Select Male '05, BH, ZTP, BST, CGC Jeneck's Uno, ARV CH, '98 ARV KS, '98 ARV Can. KS, YSgr. '97 Western Can Reg and 7xMost Beautiful Male in Show, Multi-V1, SchH3, BH, ZtP, FH, AD, Gekort Jeneck's Wotan, Multi V1, 8x Most beautiful male in show, ARV Natl. Sieger 93, ARC Gold Sire, SchH/IPO3, AD, FH, GEK bis EzA, Korung, ZtP
Jeneck's Auer, V1-rated
Ursa van het Damiaanoord, Multi V-rated Axel v. d. Nedermolen, Int/Belg/Neth CH/B'93, CW'93, NL'92, SchH/IPO3, BH, UV, VZH
Nadia v. d. Bolobossen
Jemar's Tessa V-rated, USRC Nationals Best Female Puppy '99 Kuda Sands Baron v. Ando Fedor vom Ertman
Kuda Sands Schoenheit Sugar
Bratiana's von Sasha Guardian's Eliminator
Lady Jessica Bratiana