Ivoss Rotly Crew V Caloosa Ranch

Call name: 
WS 23061607
Date of birth: 
  • Diane Voss DVM
  • Deb Listander and Blase Pfefferkorn
Blase Pfefferkorn
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Career record:
  • G1 - Hernando Kennel Club - 11/7/09 - Mr. Roger R. Hartinger
  • B - Hernando Kennel Club - 11/7/09 - Ms. Marcia Tucker
  • OS - West Volusia Kennel Club - 9/27/09 - Mrs. Theresa (Terry) Goldman
  • 3/190.5 - Prestige Specialty Club of Atlanta -OB NOV B - 9/17/09 - Mr Richard H Mullen
  • OS - Conyers Kennel Club - 8/23/09 - Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia
  • OS - Lawrenceville Kennel Club - 8/22/09 - Dr. Johan Becerra-Hernandez
  • 1/W/BW - Boca Raton Dog Club - 2/21/09 - MS. ANNE H. ARRIGONI
  • 1/W/B/BW - Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers Association - 01/25/2009 - Ms. Victoria M. Jordan - Puppy, 12-18 Mo Dogs
  • 1/R - Tampa Bay Kennel Club - 01/11/2009 - George Murray - Puppy, 12-18 Mo Dogs
  • 1/W - Jacksonville Dog Fanciers' Association, Inc. - 01/04/2009 - James E. Frederiksen - Puppy, 12-18 Mo Dogs
  • 1/R - Greater Venice Florida Dog Club, Inc - 11/30/2008 - Mrs. Sondra Joy Esporite - Puppy, 12-18 Mo Dogs
  • 1/R - West Volusia Kennel Club - 09/28/2008 - Mrs. Theresa (Terry) Goldman - Puppy, 12-18 Mo Dogs
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BISS Select Am CH Crystal’s Topaz v Ponca Am CD CGC RO-56003G24M-T
BISS, Select CH Ponca’s Bite The Bullet CD, CGC, ARC Gold Sire, RO-31194G,RO-1559,RO-CA139 V-Rated, BISS Select Am CH Vom Sonnenhaus Krugerrand Am CD, TT, RO-14802F24M Bel. CH Grave Kapenborgh CD, RO8229-T
Vom Sonnenhaus Tanja von Vera CD, RO-8156
BOSS CH Lyvngwerth’s Devotion v Ponca CD,RO-19019 BISS Am/Can Ch Rodsden’s Berte v Zederwald CDX, Can CD, RO-2720 normal
Am. CH Llyvngwerth’s Alpha-Omega CD,RO-10852
Am/Can. CH Oakviews Diamond v Gremlin Am/Can. CD, CGC, RTD,RO-48414F Am CH Ironwood’s Gremlin RO-17903E25M,RO-EL1018 Am CH Donnerschlag V Kertzenlicht CDX, TD, RO-4413 normal
Am CH Disco van het Brabantpark RO-5813-T
V-1 Select CH Oakview’s Alexa TT, CGC,RO-33027G BIS/BISS Am/Can CH Cannon River Oil Tanker Am CD, TT
Multi V-1 Elke Vom Parker Haus TT, CGC


Multi-BOSS Amer CH Ivoss Ducks For Diddle
Multi-BIS/BISS Select CH Acosta’s Adventures of Ivan MRC Hall of Fame, Top 5 '00-'01, Westminster BOB CH Von der Young’s Mobster CDX, CGC, CTD, HIC Multi-BIS/BISS AM/CAN CH Haakon Moby von Reishoff CD, RTD, CGC, TT,RO-15244
BISS AM/CAN CH Dutchess Peace of Axel CD, CGC,RO-18322
Hakooz’s World Series MVP BIS Select Am CH Ironwood’s Cade Am CD CGC, RO-10845-T, RO-1629
CH Neina Vom Axel Donner RO21274G
BOSS CH Highlanders Heika’s Adventure CS, CGC, TT ARC Top 10 bitch '03, Group Winner BIS, BISS Select Am & Can Ch. Degrassos Jacob v. Waxel CD RTD RO-42858E cardiac BIS Select Am CH Ironwood’s Cade Am CD CGC, RO-10845-T, RO-1629
Am Ch. Elessar’s Dior
V-Ch Byerly’s Chayna Punim v Endo RO-52143F24F BISS Select Am CH Endo von der Teufelsbrucke SchH I, BH, ZtP(12.91), HD-frei, RO-31340
AKC maj P'td Gladlea Gretchen vom Byerly RO-34325G24F