Multi-V, Select Youth '07

Imo vom Riegelhaus

SchH/VPG 3, IPO 3, AWD1, FH1, BH, RA, AD, BST
Call name: 
Date of birth: 
  • Renee Lancaster
  • Marlene Ferguson
DNA #:
Health certificates:
  • RO-69390G24M-VPI
  • RO-EL6826M24-VP
  • RO-CA3813/33M/C-VPI
  • RO-6563
Imo is a social, active, friendly dog.  He will happily engage the helper and then immediately socialize with the same helpers directly off the field.  Imo is athletic and enthusiastic in everything he does.
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Career record:
  • SG1, Select Youth, Bay Area Rottweiler Klub, 12-18 month, W. Simanovich, 10/13/2007
  • V3, Northwest Regional Sieger Show, Working class, Josef Hover, 10/26/2008
  • V3, Wine Country Working Rottweiler Performance Club, Working class, Andreas Mueller, 5/30/2009
  • V2, Bay Area Rottweiler Klub, Working class, Edgar Hellmann, 2/14/2010
  • VPG3, 270 SG, 96V in Obedience, 8/23/2009, Frank Mensing
  • 2010 USRC Southwest Regional Schutzhund 3 champion
  • 2010 USRC National Schutzhund Champion
  • 10th place 2011 IFR IPO World Championship, Viglozone, Italy
  • 5th place, 2012 UScA Southwestern Regional Working Dog Championship
  • V2, Working class, USRC NWRegional Sieger show, Dieter Hoffman, 10/06/2010
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