GCH, V-1, 2012 AKC Nationals AOE, Group placement

Ecko Ridges Beck and Call

Call name: 
Date of birth: 
  • Patrice McAllan
  • Greg McAllan
  • Jackie Payne
  • Vince Calcagno
  • Barbara Calcagno
  • Patrice McAllan
Rosemary Tindal
Health certificates:
  • CHIC 84406
  • OFA Hips Good RO-70958G25M-VPI
  • Cardiac Normal Cardiologist RO-CA3917/12M/C-VPI Update pending
  • CERF Normal RO-6891 update pending
Photo gallery:
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Career record:
  • AKC Champion at 18mos
  • AOE/AOM 2011 AKC Eukanuba Nationals
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BISS CH Goldshield's The Intimidator
Multi BIS Multi BISS Am/Can Ch Keerocka’s Entertainer Am/Can CD, BH TDI CGC,RO-60268E,RO-CA608,RO-EL3345 BISS Select Am CH Crystal’s Topaz v Ponca Am CD CGC RO-56003G24M-T BISS, Select CH Ponca’s Bite The Bullet CD, CGC, ARC Gold Sire, RO-31194G,RO-1559,RO-CA139
Am/Can. CH Oakviews Diamond v Gremlin Am/Can. CD, CGC, RTD,RO-48414F
BOSS Am CH Heartlands Murphy V Ponca Am CD, CGC, HIC, RO-48975G24F-T BIS/BISS Am/Can Ch Blackwood Dante v Lyvngwerth Am/Can CD, RTD, RO-18998G
Heartland’s Levi v Ponca RO-31193G
Ch Von Boylan’s Grand Stand CDX, RO-60658F28F-T Am/Can Ch Montclaire’s Odin v Wyndhurst CD Am/Can CH Montclaire’s Blitzkrieg CD, RO-32175G24M-T
Can CH Wyndhursts Indiana Dare
Select CH Fine’s Ciara von Covenant CD, RTD, RO-405926 RO-EL1350 V-1, BIS, BISS, Sel Am CH Tobant’s Grant
CH Fine’s Sooner Magic v Forstwald CD, RO-22241F25F


Select CH Ecko Ridge's Lady Takes A Chance v Von Wilhelms
V-1 SIEGER, Multi BIS/Multi BISS, SELECT Am CH Gamegards US Marshall RN, CGC, RO- 63327E24M V-1 Select Multi BISS Am CH Gamegards Quiet Man v Lynos Am CD,HSAs,TT, CGC, RO- 55468E24M-T, RO-EL2491M26-T Select Am CH Full Moon’s As Good As It Gets TT CGC, RO-39353G24M
Am CH Gamegards Mariah v Femme RO-42733G24F, RO-EL996F24
Select 1 Multi BISS/BOSS CH Kreeksides Britts Image V-Rated Select Multi BISS Am/Can CH Von der Lors Ferro Braxx HICs, CGC, RO-40038G24M, RO-CA172, RO-TH18
Gamegards No Nonsense RO-47099G25F
CH Von Wilhelms Fortune Teller BIS BISS Am CH Dasko vom Eisentor RO-60760E24M-PI, RO-EL3469M24-PI, CHIC: 9795 Atreads Hawk Adonis Am CD BH, RO-45188E24M-T, CERF:RO-2277
Blackrock’s Clair De Lune
Am CH Von Wilhelms Carmen La Diva Select Am CH Full Moon’s As Good As It Gets TT CGC, RO-39353G24M
Am CH Vom Viraus’ Sweet Soxs RO-43350F27F