Ciel Legend Vom Stefanhaus

Call name: 
Date of birth: 
  • Sharlynn L. Grant
  • Shawna Swanson
DNA #:
Health certificates:
  • Hips: RO-66014E26M-PI
  • Elbows: RO-EL5208M26-PI
  • Cardiac: RO-CA1635/14M/C-PI
  • Thyroid: RO-TH214/15M-PI
  • CERF: RO-5411
  • CHIC: 24417
Legend was a true ambassador for the Rottweiler breed.  He was my first "show" dog and was an incredible partner as I've learned about the world of conformation, obedience, rally, agility, herding, and carting.  Legend has been extremely successful in the UKC conformation rings and has earned 5 Best in Multi-Breed Shows as well as multiple Reserve Best in Multi-Breed Shows and group placements.  As Legend was usually owner-handled, it took us a little longer to succeed in the AKC conformation rings, but with a little help from Juan Griego and Perry Payson on those majors, he finally finished his AKC Championship in October 2009 at 6.5 years old.  Beyond being a competitive show dog, he has earned multiple titles in obedience, rally, herding, agility, barn hunt, and carting, and was a Search & Rescue Dog as well as a Therapy Dog.  I have frozen semen available on Legend - please contact me if interested.
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Career record:
  • AKC Best Puppy, Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego, Judge Mrs. Anna Wanner, 11/7/03
  • BH Title, Phoenix Schutzhund Club, Judge Elmar Mannes, 11/26/04
  • AKC CD Title (1st Place), Golden State Rottweiler Club, Judge Mrs. Nancy Craig, 5/6/05
  • AKC RN Title, Prescott Arizona Kennel Club, Judge Mrs. Karen Clymer, 9/18/05
  • UKC Best in Multi-Breed Show (BIMBS), AZ American Eskimo Assoc., Judge Michael Pearson, 10/29/05
  • UKC Championship Title, AZ American Eskimo Assoc., Judge Virginia Pearson, 10/29/05
  • AKC RA Title, Tucson Kennel Club, Judge Mrs. Kim Jacobs, 11/20/05
  • AKC RE Title (3rd Place), Kennel Club of Palm Springs, Judge Mrs. Kay Ford, 1/8/06
  • UKC Top Ten BOB and Finalist (#7 Rottweiler for 2005), UKC Premier, Judge Maude Tank, 6/15/06
  • UKC Reserve BIMBS, Golden West Toy Fox Terrier Assoc., Judge Lisa Enriquez, 8/20/06
  • UKC BIMBS, Arizona American Eskimo, Assoc., Judge Dennis Morgan, 10/28/06
  • ARC Carting Started Title (2nd Place), Grand Canyon State Rottweiler Club, Judge Sheila Hanna, 1/20/09
  • ARC Carting Intermediate Title (1st place & HIT), Grand Canyon State Rottweiler Club, Judge Sheila Hanna, 1/20/07
  • AKC CDX Title (3rd Place), Phoenix Field & Obedience Club, Judge MR. Ronald Roberts, 2/4/07
  • AKC WD/BOW (1pt), Apple Valley Kennel Club, Judge Mr. Carl J. Anderson, 3/10/07
  • UKC Top Ten BOB (#3 Rottweiler for 2006), UKC Premier, Judge James Heinz
  • UKC BOB/Group 4, UKC Premier, Judge Barbara Marin, 6/15/07
  • UKC FO Title, UKC Premier, 6/15/07
  • AKC WD/BOW/BOB, Prescott Arizona Kennel Club, Judge Dr. Roger Pritchard, 9/16/07
  • AKC WD/BOW (1pt), Kachina Kennel Club, Judge Mr. Charles E. Doran 10/21/0
  • AKC PT Title, Arizona Herding Association, Judge Jan Wesen, 10/28/07
  • AKC RAE Title, Old Pueblo Training Club, Judge Mr. Curtis Cunningham, 11/4/07
  • UKC BIMBS, Valley Del Sol Pit Bull Terrier Club, Judge Gerald Smith, 11/10/07
  • UKC CD Title, West Los Angeles Obed. Training Club, Judge Cindy Leung, 11/25/07
  • ATTS Title, Grand Canyon State Rottweiler Club, Judge Carl Herkstroeter, 1/12/08
  • ARC Carting Excellent Title (1st Place), Grand Canyon State Rottweiler Club, Judge Tommy Caisango, 1/13/08
  • AHBA JHD Title, Arizona Herding Association, Judge Pat Taylor, 1/20/08
  • UKC BIMBS, Desert SW Shetland Sheepdog Assoc., Judge Andrew Mills, 2/16/08
  • AKC WD (1pt), Canada Del Oro Kennel Club, Judge Dr. J. Donald Jones, 3/22/08
  • AKC WD/BOW (2pts), Silver State Kennel Club, Judge Mrs. Bettie L. Krause, 4/6/08
  • AKC WD/BOW (2pts), Lost Dutchman Kennel Club, Judge Mr. Bradford C. Dunn, 4/12/08
  • AKC WD (1pt), Rio Hondo Kennel Club, Judge Ms. Diane Anderson, 5/4/08
  • ARC Versatility Award, 5/22/08
  • UKC Top Ten Participant (#1 Rottweiler for 2007), UKC Premier, 6/12/08
  • UKC Total Dog Award, UKC Premier, 6/14/08
  • UKC BOB/Group 4, UKC Premier, Judge Dan Crutchfield, 6/14/08
  • UKC GRCH Title, UKC Premier, Judge Diana Allen, 6/15/08
  • AKC WD/BOW, Lompoc Valley Kennel Club, Judge Mrs. Barbara Marsh, 7/26/08
  • AKC WD/BOW (1pt), Greater Shelby Kennel Club, Judge Mr. David Bolus, 10/10/08
  • APTD Rally Level 1 Title, Paws For Reflection, Judge Linda Chiaramonte, 11/1/08
  • UKC #9 Rottweiler for 2008, 2/5/09
  • TDIAV Title, Therapy Dogs International, 4/7/09 & AKC THD title
  • AKC WD/BOW (3pts), Rio Grande Kennel Club, Judge Mr. David Bolus, 5/9/09
  • AKC NJP Title, McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers, Inc., Judge Dan Butcher, 9/4/09
  • AKC WD/BOW (3pts) - FINISHED AKC CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE, Vallencia Valley Kennel Club of New Mexico, Judge Miss M. Ann Schwartz, 10/11/09
  • AKC OJP Title, AZ White Mountain Kennel Club, Judge Linda Wallace Kipp, 6/6/10
  • AKC NAP Title, Valle Del Sol Golden Retriever Club, Judge Pamela Nettles, 10/30/10
  • AKC AJP Title, Superstition Kennel Club, Judge Laura Finco, 1/22/11
  • AKC OAP Title, Superstition Kennel Club, Judge Susan McClair, 1/23/11
  • ARC Versatility Excellent Award, 5/13/11
  • AKC AXP Title, Arizona White Mountain Kennel Club, Judge Terry Culley, 6/4/11
  • AKC Coursing Ability Dog Title, 10/1/11
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