Andel's Steeler Nation

Call name: 
Date of birth: 
  • Elaine Starry
  • Elaine Starry & Michelle Starry
Michelle Starry
Health certificates:
  • Hips: RO 71853
  • Thyroid TH 672
  • Heart: CA 5682
  • CERF RO 354927
  • Elbows: DJD Grade 1
  • CHIC # 74746
Jerome started his show career at MRC going RWD from the 6-9 mth class.He finished his Championship going back to back majorsAt the young age of 2,  he has multi Group and Group placements
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Career record:
  • MRC 2009 RWD from the 6-9 Class
  • MRC 2009 Best Jr Futurity
  • 1st place 12-18 class CRC Specialty 2010
  • WD,BOW Beaver County KC Canfield, OH 4pt major
  • WD,BOW MS KC, Canfield OH 4pt major
  • Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association, Inc. 04/02/2011 Mrs. Evie Sullivan B.O.B. B/G4
  • Mckinley Kennel Club 06/11/2011 Mr. Robert E. Fetter B.O.B. B/G1
  • Mckinley Kennel Club 06/12/2011 Mr. Rick Gschwender B.O.B. B/G3
  • Bushy Run Kennel Club 07/02/2011 Mrs. Leah D. Lange B.O.B. B/G3
  • Bushy Run Kennel Club 07/03/2011 Mr. Roger D. Gifford B.O.B. B/G4
  • Dan Emmett Kennel Club 07/30/2011 Alan E. Bennett B.O.B. B/G3
  • Fort Steuben Kennel Association, Inc. 10/08/2011 Mrs. Evie Sullivan B.O.B. B
  • Delaware Ohio Kennel Club 10/29/2011 Mrs. Meredith Johnson-Snyder B.O.B. B/G1
  • Delaware Ohio Kennel Club 10/30/2011 Mr. Peter A. Baynes B.O.B. B/G2
1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation


Ch Andel Jero's Ethan Almond
Ch Serrant Andel's I-Man Ch Briaroaks Secret Agent CDX,TD,CGC Am/Can Ch Multi V rated Pico Vom Hegestrauch BH,SchH I,BST
Heidi vom Tagg
Ch Rodsdens Dega of Serrant CD V-1,BIS,BISS,Sel Ch Tobant's Grant
Okie-Lady Von Der Runderkraal Am/Can/Mexican CDX,
Ch Jero's On Mo- Girl CD,RE,HT,HCT BISS Ch Andel's Rookie of the Year BISS Sel Am/Can CH Corinthian's Heart Breaker TT
Ch Serrant Amber of Tobant
Shadetree Stonycreek's Molly CDX,MX,AXJ,HT,VX,TT Ch Stonycreek's Blue Max CGC,TDI
Stonycreek's Sparkle Plenty


Ch Cammcastle's Factory Built
V-1 Sieger,Multi BIS/Multi BISS, Select Ch Gamegards US Marshall RN,CGC V-1 Select Multi BISS Ch Gamegards Quiet Man v Lynos CD,HSAs,TT,CGC Select Ch Full Moon's As Good As It Gets TT,CGC
Ch Gamegards Mariah v Femme
Select 1 Multi BISS/BOSS Ch Kreeksides Britts Image V-Rated Select Multi BISS Am/Can Ch Von der Lors Ferro Braxx HICs,CGC
Gamegards No Nonsense
Cammcastle Vintagezenner VQR V1/Multi BISS Secelct Ch Highlander's Khan-Frontation BIS,BISS Select Am/Can Ch Degrassos Jacob v. Waxel CD,RTD
V-Ch Byerly's Chayna Punim v Endo
Cammcastle's Nixe v Quail BISS Select Ch Crystal's Topaz v Ponca CD,CGC
Cammcastle's Finger Paint

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