Finding A Handler

Have you ever gone to a show, noticed a Handler who you wanted to talk to about handling your Rottweiler, didn't get a chance to talk to them and then tried to find that Handlers contact information after you got home? You search on the internet, you call someone who might know how to get in touch with him or her. If you run out of resources to to get the information - that Handler misses an opportunity to have a new client. 

Finding many of the Rottweiler Handler's contact information can be a very difficult task.

Every year there are a lot of Rottweiler puppies sold on show contracts and those people need Handlers. People new to Rottweilers and exhibiting aren't sure about approaching a Handler ringside as the Handler is busy with other client's dogs or racing off to another ring.  Many times, if the new Exhibitor isn't really  familiar with other exhibitors and Handlers in their area, it's hard to catch a name.

Clients are looking for Handlers and Handlers are looking for clients. What's stopping them from finding each other? Lack of contact information and knowledge of where to look for that contact information.

We know that this is a problem. We have received a lot of e-mail from people new to Rottweilers looking for Handlers in their area or trying to find out about different Handlers or how to get in touch with individual Handlers. 

The perfect solution is that the Handlers have a profile on RottweilerNation.Com. These profiles have the capability to display contact information, area of operation, venues, experience, rates, services and schedules. These profiles can be updated and edited, so that the most up to the minute information is available. The Handler Profile is on a site where people interested in the Rottweiler ring visit ( a dedicated audience). It sure beats a 1/16 of a page size ad in an All-Breed magazine. The Handler profile is just a few keystrokes away 24/7 and is accessible to everyone.  No magazine subscription required.

The Handler Profiles section is a service to Rottweiler Nation members. If your Handler is talking about a lack of clients - encourage them to put their profile on Rottweiler Nation.



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