Adrian W Woodfork

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5912 Park Village Street
Sacramento, CA 95822
United States
(916) 716 2369
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As a judge, what are your personal preferences as they relate to the priority of judging this breed (movement, balance, head, front-end, rear-end, eye color, markings, etc...)
The type of Rottweiler that I am looking to reward is one that is proportionately balanced with good movement and level topline. The headpiece should be in proportion to body size with correct measurements and shape as dictated by the standard.
Some judges look as the Rottweiler as a "head breed", although there is so much more to the animal, what specifically do you look for in a correct head-piece?
The over-all expression that I am looking for begins with the size of the headpiece... it should be in proportioned to the rest of the body. Next the eyes...dark, almond shape. The shape and size of the muzzle and skull are also very important along with the ear set and its size.
If judging two very similar dogs, what is the one characteristic that you'd look at twice to differentiate?
Do you consider clear markings a high priority component of judging or more a cosmetic characteristic?
cosmetic... however clear markings could be a tie-breaker.
As you have judged over the years, what have breeders improved upon? What is still lacking?
I think breeders are doing a better job of breeding standard sized dogs. I think there is room for improved in regards to the topline and movement.
How important is the role of the handler in presenting a dog?
Its according to how good the dog is. If the dog is a good sound representative of the breed then the handler should allow the dog to present itself. In those instances, all the dog needs is a person to hold the lead. Otherwise, a good handler is needed to show the dog's best attributes and hide the faults.
When judging the Best of Breed class, how do you balance judging the dogs vs. the bitches?
There is no difference. If there is a tie, then I look hard at correct size.
What is your procedure when a tailed Rottweiler joins in the competition in the AKC ring?
Until the AKC list having a full tail as a disqualification, I will not show a preference based on tail.
Any additional comments?
Not at this time