Rotttweiler Nation and Twitter

Rottweiler Nation is about current happenings about Rottweilers in the Ring.  We use Twitter to announce, among other things Group Wins, New Titles, New Top 10, New Breeding and Litter Notices. 

When announcing anything on Twitter, if there is an applicable URL, it is included in the tweet.  This means that if your dog is mentioned in a Tweet from Rottweiler Nation, we include a link to your dog's profile. Viewers can go directly from the tweet to your dog's profile on Rottweiler Nation. If there is a link to something on Rottweiler Nation - we use it.

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Finding A Handler

Have you ever gone to a show, noticed a Handler who you wanted to talk to about handling your Rottweiler, didn't get a chance to talk to them and then tried to find that Handlers contact information after you got home? You search on the internet, you call someone who might know how to get in touch with him or her. If you run out of resources to to get the information - that Handler misses an opportunity to have a new client. 

Finding many of the Rottweiler Handler's contact information can be a very difficult task.

Every year there are a lot of Rottweiler puppies sold on show contracts and those people need Handlers. People new to Rottweilers and exhibiting aren't sure about approaching a Handler ringside as the Handler is busy with other client's dogs or racing off to another ring.  Many times, if the new Exhibitor isn't really  familiar with other exhibitors and Handlers in their area, it's hard to catch a name.

New FAQs

The FAQ section has been redesigned to give information by categories. This section is much more then Frequently Asked Questions. Many of the FAQs listed give step by step instructions on how to participate in various features on the site. For an example there are instructions on uploading pictures, creating and editing a profile, creating a Win Report or New Title Report about your Rottweiler's latest accomplishments.

As always, we are interested in your input in the FAQ section. If there are any topics you would like addressed, please let us know. We realize with all the new changes, there are bound to be questions. We have a Navigation FAQ as an introduction to getting around our new layout.

There will be several new features added, so we will also be adding new FAQs as the new features come on line. Keep checking back to see what is new.



Here In New York for the Westminster

Tomorrow morning at 8:00, twenty three Rottweilers will go before Judge Roger R Hartinger. The catalog lists 18 dogs and 5 bitches. We will have the results up as soon as we can.  

Westminster is one of only a very few AKC benched dog shows.  This year, instead of a formal benching set up by group and breed, the dogs are clustered only in groups. If you are interested in a certain breed within that group, you have to wander about trying to locate individual dogs belonging to that breed. It is very disorganized and rather frustrating. On the positive side, Madison Square Garden is much cooler inside then in years past. 

This is, as always, been an interesting experience and a lot of fun.  You meet and see people from all over the US as well as the world who come to see this very prestigious event. A great deal of credit has to be given to Exhibitors expend a lot of time, effort and money in order to come to this show. 

Rainbow Bridge Category

Our newest feature is the Rainbow Bridge Category.  You can find this category by hovering over "Browse Dogs"  in the navigation at the top of the site and selecting Rainbow Bridge from the drop down list.

So many of you have lost your cherished companions and family members and wanted a place where they could be remembered. The Rainbow Bridge allows you to either move an existing profile into that category by just checking the Rainbow Bridge or creating a new profile for one who has gone over the bridge, but didn't have an existing profile on Rottweiler Nation.  The profile can be a memorial to your loved companion - you can enter pictures, accomplishments and even add a eulogy in the bio section.

"New Dogs" Returns

We have gotten a lot of e-mails concerning the new format. Almost everyone really likes the new format; everyone likes the new features. As we were making the change to the new format, we lost the 'New Dogs' feature. Based on all the e-mail we received it was much missed. So we have just added a new improved version of 'New Dogs'. The new formatting for the feature includes not  only the text link, but the profile picture as well.  The page also reveals more then just the last 5 dogs, so there is more opportunity to see who is new.

So where is New Dogs ? Mouse over 'Browse Dogs' (horizontal navigation at top of the site), from the drop down list, choose "New Dogs" (first on the list) and there you have it, all the New Dogs on RottweilerNation.Com.

This is of course, is not the end of the changes. We are still adding new features and including new information.


Our Meet and Greet in Brooksville was a huge success. The food was absolutely fabulous!! Special thanks to Johnny and Penny who are the owners and chefs at the 11th Street Annex in Ft Lauderdale. Our very gracious hostess was Catherine Crespo - who knows how to entertain!! We really appreciate her support. We had a great turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! We love the camaraderie within the Rottweiler Community.  

New Judge Profiles

Check out the new Judge Profiles feature. We asked  Exhibitors, Breeders and Handlers from a poll titled "If you could ask a Judge anything, what would it be?" . We took this poll from a number of shows and then compiled them, and then had a respected Breeder edit them.  We think the questions will provide a great deal of insight into what each Judge's thoughts and preferences during the Judging process. As the Judges send in their answers we will create their profile which will include the picture, their contact information, provisional and approval dates for Breed, Working Group and Best in Show as applicable and of course their answers to the 9 questions.

Individual Show Wins and New Titles

You can now post your Rottweilers latest Show Wins and New Title achievements yourself! One of the new features allows you to log in to your member account and create the post and it appears in the "Member Show Wins" or "Member Titles" section along with the profile picture that is on your dogs profile as soon as you click save. Who could ask for better reporting then that? Get the news out as soon as it happens!

Join Us in Brooksville

We at are really looking forward to January Circuit in Brooksville, FL and to kick off the shows we

Cordially invite Everyoneto join us at Lot #324 Saturday January 15 from 11:30 to 1:30 for lunch and again after Groups for appetizers and drinks.